Sheila Walsh

Sheila Walsh, née Sheila O’Nions, 1928-2009 (more info at wikipedia)


  • The Golden Songbird (July 1975)
  • Madalena (May 1977)
  • The Sergeant Major’s Daughter (August 1978)
  • A Fine Silk Purse (1978)
  • Lord Gilmore’s Bride (April 1979)
  • The Incomparable Miss Brady (June 1980)
  • The Rose Domino (October 1981)
  • A Highly Respectable Marriage (October 1982)
  • The Runaway Bride (October 1983)
  • The Diamond Waterfall (April 1984)
  • The Incorrigible Rake (October 1984)
  • The Pink Parasol (March 1985)
  • Cousins of a Kind (August 1985)
  • The Wary Widow (September 1985)
  • Improper Acquaintances (February 1986)
  • An Insubstantial Pageant (March 1986)
  • Bath Intrigue (May 1986)
  • Lady Aurelia’s Bequest (September 1987)
  • Minerva’s Marquis (May 1988)
  • The Notorious Nabob (June 1989)
  • The Nabob (October 1989)
  • The Arrogant Lord Alistair (August 1990)
  • Woman of Little Importance (May 1991)
  • The Perfect Bride (October 1994)
  • Kate and the Marquess (August 1997)
  • The Lady from Lisbon (February 2001)


  • The Christmas Star (November 1990) in A Regency Christmas II
  • Midsummer Masquerade (June 1992) in A Regency Summer
  • Dear Delight (January 1993) in Tokens of Love
  • It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (November 1994) in A Regency Christmas VI


  1. I cant remember the title or the author of a book.
    This book I read years ago, I sold it as an used book…and now I want to reread it!
    It´s about a MARRIAGE OF CONVENIENCE theme.
    The heroine saves the hero´s life, who was attacked in a London street. In this event she becomes hurt, so he takes her to his town house. Then he learns that she is in dare straits and has to look after younger siblings.
    So as a way to thank her for saving his life he marries her and takes her + siblings to his house somewhere near a coast.
    Obviously she falls for him, but it takes the hero some time to realize that he loves her.

    Do you know about wich book I´m talking about?
    Thank you for helping!

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