Elizabeth Hoyt

The Legend of the Four Soldiers

  1. To Taste Temptation (May 2008)
  2. To Seduce A Sinner (November 2008)
  3. To Beguile A Beast (May 2009)
  4. To Desire a Devil (November 2009)

The Maiden Lane Series

  1. Wicked Intentions (August 2010)
  2. Notorious Pleasures (February 2011)

The Princes Trilogy

  1. The Raven Prince (November 2006) **2006 AAR Most Luscious Love Story, 2006 RT Reviewers’ Choice — Sensual Historical Romance, 2007 AAR Top 100 Romances #23**
  2. The Leopard Prince (April 2007)
  3. The Serpent Prince (September 2007) **2007 AAR Best Romance – tie, 2007 AAR Most Luscious Love Story, 2007 AAR Top 100 Romances #47**


  1. OK! WTH!!!????

    So I started to read the Four Soldiers and just could not concentrate on it! Has that ever happened to you?

    Maybe I’m too jaded by recently read Judith James, Joanna Bourne and Karyn Monk? I’m skipping EH for now, and I’m on to Laura Kinsale with “The Dream Hunter”. I love it so far…

    • Absolutely it’s happened! It took me several attempts to read Lisa Kleypas’ last couple of Hathaway entries. I didn’t read the 4 Soldiers series in order so I can’t tell you my feelings about the hook of the first book. I read the second book first – and that hooked me.

      Right now I’m reading two new paranormal releases. Kresley Cole’s new book in the Immortals After Dark series. I think it’s book 8 or 9. Then I have Larissa Ione’s final book in the Demonica series. Both of these authors excel in this genre.

  2. I just finished the Four Soldiers, and I am glad to have gone back to them 🙂 I loved all four books and the thread that kept them together (the fairy tale book that kept going from heroine to heroine). I did read them in order, and I would highly recommend that they be read in order. I also think that the fairy tales were a bit distracting, so I chose to read them last…I am still passing on her new one the Lane series, and probably will read it before she issues the second one in the series.

    Have you read her Prince series? And if you did what did you think of them?

    • I’ve read the Prince series and really enjoyed it. However, it’s been awhile since I’ve picked them up so I’m foggy on the premise. I think the first book, The Raven Prince, is my favorite.

      I think reading the Four Soldiers in order makes sense. Reading book 4 first would not have the same impact if I hadn’t been familiar with the first 3 books. I’m glad that you went back and tried them again.

      I’m giving my copy of Wicked Intentions to my mom. Maybe she’ll like it.


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