Kathryn Smith


  • A Christmas Charade (November 2001) in Naughty or Nice

The Brotherhood of Blood

  1. Be Mine Tonight (July 2006)
  2. Night of the Huntress (February 2007)
  3. Taken By the Night (November 2007)
  4. The Wedding Night (June 2008) in Weddings from Hell
  5. Let the Night Begin (July 2008)
  6. Night After Night (February 2009)

The Friends Trilogy

  1. A Seductive Offer (January 2002)
  2. A Game of Scandal (July 2002)
  3. Into Temptation (February 2003)

The Nightmare Chronicles

  1. Before I Wake (August 2008)
  2. Dark Side of Dawn (December 2009)

The MacLaughlins  (these are young adult novels)

  1. Anna and the Duke (May 2002)
  2. Emily and the Scot (November 2002)

The Ryland Brothers

  1. Elusive Passion (April 2001)
  2. For the First Time (October 2003)
  3. In Your Arms Again (June 2004)
  4. In the Night (February 2005)
  5. Still in My Heart (September 2005)

Victorian Soap Opera

  1. When Seducing a Duke (October 2009)
  2. When Marrying a Scoundrel (June 2010)

When Marrying a Scoundrel



  1. […] loved her books for years and I’ve finally gotten around to creating a page for her: http://regencyera.net/authors/kathryn-smith/.  She writes in the paranormal genre also, but I like her regency books the […]

  2. […] Kathryn Smith (I also read her paranormal romances – love her!) […]

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