Stephanie Laurens


  • Melting Ice (June 1998) in Rough Around the Edges
  • Rose in Bloom (July 1999) in Scottish Brides
  • Scandalous Lord Dere (December 2000) in Secrets of a Perfect Night
  • The Fall of Rogue Gerard (October 2008) in It Happened One Night

Bar Cynster Novels

  1. Devil’s Bride (March 1998) **1998 AAR Favorite European Historical Romance, 1998 RT Reviewers’ Choice — Historical Romance in a Series, 2000 AAR Top 100 Romances #5,  2004 AAR Top 100 Romances #24, 2007 AAR Top 100 Romances #31, TRR 5 Heart Keeper **
  2. A Rake’s Vow (October 1998)
  3. Scandal’s Bride (March 1999)
  4. A Rogue’s Proposal (November 1999)
  5. A Secret Love (July 2000) **2000 AAR Most Luscious Love Story**
  6. All About Love (February 2001)
  7. All About Passion (September 2001) **A TRR 5 Heart Keeper **
  8. The Promise in a Kiss (December 2001) (prequel)
  9. On a Wild Night (April 2002) **2002 AAR Most Annoying Lead Character**
  10. On a Wicked Dawn (May 2002)
  11. The Perfect Lover (February 2003)
  12. The Ideal Bride (March 2004)
  13. The Truth About Love (March 2005)
  14. Lost and Found (June 2005)  in Hero, Come Back (features Reggie Carmarthen — introduced in On a Wild Night)
  15. What Price Love? (March 2006)
  16. The Taste of Innocence (March 2007)
  17. Where the Heart Leads (February 2008)
  18. Temptation and Surrender (March 2009)

Cynster Brides

  1. Viscount Breckenridge to the Rescue (September 2011)
  2. In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster (October 2011)
  3. The Capture of the Earl of Glencrae (2012)

The Bastion Club

  • Captain Jack’s Woman  (October 1997) (prequel)
  1. The Lady Chosen (September 2003)
  2. A Gentleman’s Honor (October 2003)
  3. A Lady of His Own (October 2004) **A TRR 5 Heart Keeper**
  4. A Fine Passion (September 2005)
  5. To Distraction (September 2006)
  6. Beyond Seduction (September 2007)
  7. The Edge of Desire (September 2008)
  8. Mastered By Love (August 2009)

The Black Cobra Quartet

  1. The Untamed  Bride (November 2010)
  2. The Elusive Bride (February 2010)
  3. The Brazen Bride (July 2010)
  4. The Reckless Bride (October 2010)

The Lester Family

  1. The Reasons for Marriage  (1994)
  2. A Lady of Expectations (1995)
  3. An Unwilling Conquest (1996)
  4. A Comfortable Wife (1997)

Related Books

  1. Tangled Reins (1992)
  2. Fair Juno (1994)


  1. Hello!

    I think I told you that I started off with book #8 “The Promise in a Kiss”. Well, that one certainly wet my appetite and there I went on to the next one, “Devil’s Bride”. I also agree with your review of both of those books.

    The third installment, “A Rake’s Vow” left me scratching my head. I skipped most of the book as it was just too predictable and sooooo slow.

    “Scandal’s Bride” came next and it sort of gave me hope and determination to continue with this series (I mean, now I just had to read them…I invested almost $70, right?). Scandal’s story was a bit unique, and kept a good pace. Next please!

    “A Rogue’s Proposal” had me JUMPING with excitement! Now, this one was, in my estimation, the BEST of them all, so far. I feel that SL has taken her sweet time in developing the characters of Flick, Demon and their romance, and it shows through the book. H & H interact so well with each other, that they FEEL ‘real’. Flick and her innocence are so refreshing and Harry is such a great and true Hero. It was pure joy reading of a man of such sophistication and experience, who gets completely blindsided with innocence. I also thought that the love scenes in this book were one of her best written EVER and tackled with care. They were not too long or too short. They were just right and actually made you want to keep on reading. This book had me hooked from the first page and I hardly noticed it was over. That’s how well written it was.

    “A Secret Love” came and went. I honestly didn’t like it. Enough said-NEXT!

    So here I am on finishing #9 “On a Wild Night” (Amanda’s story), after I skipped All About Love #6 and All About Passion #7. This one is too irritating, writing as well as the Heroine are just getting a bit reminiscent of the other ones and I’m thinking that I’ll try to tackle #10 “On A Wicked Dawn”. After that one, I’ll be ready for some of the new Debut writers that are out there. Bastion series I’ll try to tackle sometime next year. I’ll be skipping the Cobra series for sure………

    BTW: I also started a blog and I feel so much in the dark…..If I have any Q’s would you be willing to help me?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Of course I’d be willing to answer any questions. I’ll even put a link to it, if you want. Let me know!

      Stephanie Laurens is odd author. She’s got some fantastic books, but as the Cynster series drag on it gets a little old. There are no new ideas. She regurgitates the same story/characters over and over. I did enjoy the Bastion series, but it’s set before the Cynster series and if Devil appears, it’s briefly. It’s not a distraction to the storyline.

  2. Kathryn you are one special Lady!

    I bet you if we lived in the same town we’d be best buds!

    I’ve decided to read “All about Passion” before going to Amelia’s story (OAWD). Glad I did….

    Thanks so much for agreeing to walk me through this blog thing…. I need to know how to add a few pages like you have done: at the top you have
    Home-About-Anthologies-Authors CURRENT-Authors RETIRED

    I have only Home-About and would like to add:

    Reviews A-Z

    Then how do I add that SHARE THIS (with FB, TWEETER and the rest)

    I also don’t know how to add the category’s (you have reviewed; books; interviews; and so forth) I’d like to have same and add Movies; TV; Off Topic)

    I’m trying to figure it all out, but it’s not easy….at least for me.
    If you can walk me through this process, that be AWESOME!

  3. oops………forgot to tell you, now I’m bookworm 🙂

    my blog is:

    and yes please link me and I’ll link you too as soon as I find out how………..


  1. […] was pretty realistic and normal, also known as frustrating.   (See, this is what reading too much Stephanie Laurens does.  EVERY male character in her Cynster novels is an alpha and that drives me nuts.  Why, oh […]

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