Liz Carlyle


  • Let’s Talk About Sex (November 2003) in Big Guns Out of Uniform
  • Much Ado about Twelfth Night (November 2004) in The One That Got Away

The Armstrong Family

  1. My False Heart (December 1999) [Elliot Armstrong, Marquis of Rannoch, & Evangeline van Artevalde; Frederica d’Avillez’s first appearance, heroine of The Devil You Know]
  2. A Woman Scorned (May 2000) [Jonet Rowland, Marchioness of Mercer, & Captain Cole Amherst]
  3. Tempted All Night (February 2009) [Phaedra Northampton & Tristan Talbot, Lord Avoncliffe]
  4. Wicked All Day (October 2009) [Zoë Armstrong (Marquis of Rannoch’s daughter) & Stuart Rowland, Marquess of Mercer (son of Jonet Rowland)]

The Neville Family

  1. After Midnight (January 2007) in The School for Heiresses [Martinique, niece of Baron Rothewell, and ]
  2. Never Lie to a Lady (June 2007) [Xanthia Neville & Marquis of Nash]
  3. Never Deceive a Duke (August 2007) [Antonia, Duchess of Warneham, & Gareth Lloyd]
  4. Never Romance a Rake (August 2008) [Baron Rothewell (brother of Xanthia Neville) & Marchand]

The MacLachlan Family

  1. One Little Sin (October 2005) [Sir Alasdair MacLachlan & Esmée  Hamilton]
  2. Two Little Lies (January 2006) [Quin, Lord Wynwood, & Viviana Alessandri]
  3. Three Little Secrets (April 2006) [Merrick MacLachlan & Madeleine, Lady Bessett]

The Rutledge Family & Friends

  1. Beauty Like the Night (October 2000) [Cam Rutledge, Earl of Treyhern, & Helene de Severs]
  2. A Woman of Virtue (March 2001) [Cecilia Lorimer & David Brathwaite, Viscount Delacourt]
  3. Hunting Season (May 2002) in Tea for Two [Christian Villiers, Marquis of Grayston, and Elise, Lady Middleton]
  4. No True Gentleman (July 2002) [Lady Catherine Wodeway (Cam Rutlege’s sister) & Max de Rohan]
  5. The Devil You Know (April 2003) [Bentley Rutlege (Cam’s brother) & Frederica d’Avillez]
  6. A Deal With the Devil (March 2004) [Giles Lorimer, Lord Walrafen, (Cecilia Lorimer’s stepson) & Aubrey Montford]
  7. The Devil To Pay (January 2005) [Sidonie Saint-Godard & Aleric, Marquess of Devellyn]

Fraternitas Aurea Crucis

  1. One Touch of Scandal (October 2010)

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